7 Holiday Packing Tips To Go Over With Your Dinner in San Diego


While holiday season is around the corner. Traveling comes in mind, and when you got all your essentials covered like your whereabouts, transportation and accommodation, you are left with One other step that most of people take lightly “Packing”.

In case that you are one of those people who postpone packing till last minute and then regret it every time after realizing all the mistakes you did whether it’s forgetting specific items or not having enough space, etc., then we’ve rounded up some crucial tips that will help you pack in the most efficient way.

Make a packing list


Personally speaking I’ve always found lists to be an extremely helpful first step in almost any upcoming endeavor, in our case, it’ll help you realize if you are missing some items that you actually need to buy or fix, and that’s why you need to make your list way ahead of your departure date to give you more time to complete the list if you were forgetting any major points. Plus the added value of having any pre-stress diminished a bit and feel a little bit of a sense of achievement.



If you have a pretty old bag, then you should probably upgrade in a more modern one that is more durable, lighter and easily wheeled or carried, also more compartments, expandable sides and strong zippers, also you might consider getting a vacuum pack if you are travelling for a long period and want to store some cloth, they’re cheap to buy and don’t actually need a vacuum – just suck out the air out. They keep all of your clothes packed neatly together and protect them from any spillages.

Don’t over-pack


How many times you found yourselves packing like 4 pairs of pants and winded up only using one the entire holiday!? Most of us probably have done this at some point along the way. So the key here is to pack only the items that you are 100% sure that you need and going to use.

Extra Space


No matter where you go you’ll definitely do some shopping and most likely you’ll get some souvenirs for your friends and family – just leave enough space way in advance!

Towel on top


In case of summer/beach vacation, having your towel packed at the end on top of everything will not only keep any loose clothing intact but will let you be the first one at the beach and not wasting a second!



Depending on your headings, and the climate of your destination, you’ll pick your clothing accordingly. Select a variety of mix-and-match items that can all be worn with each other, in easy wash and drip-dry fabrics, that don’t need ironing. Roll clothes instead of folding to take up less room. Fit small items, like socks, into shoes, to make more room.



Thanks to modern day technology for making our life easier by summing up lots of our electronics in smart devices, so now you can just have a lightweight tablet and a smart phone, and have them loaded with e-books, magazines, movies and any sort of media, they also come in handy and could replace torches and cameras. Investing in a universal charger and cable that can keep everything charged up is always a great idea.

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