Sol Cal Revamp

Our mission has always been to provide the healthiest possible options for people to enjoy delicious and nutritious food. We believe in the power of a nutrient dense diet and we offer the highest quality of sustainable and local ingredients. Standards as high as ours are not seen very often in the restaurant business and we are very proud of them. All of our items are 100% plant based with the option to add protein. We are very happy about our new menu and so far we have had a great response from our patrons about our latest additions.

We are also very excited to announce our new additions of beer and wine to the menu. We took time to carefully chose a few wines that are fully vegan and a few that are fully organic and certified sustainable to continue providing the healthiest possible experience. As for our beers, we carry mostly local beers with gluten free options available as well.

We look forward to welcoming customers new and old to see our newly remodeled and updated venue and menu.

Juice Off Your Tofurkey Belly

We all know that we tend to over indulge during the holidays because well.. we get caught up in social eating and drinking with our family and friends. As much fun as this is.. it does take a toll on your body and health. A great way to break the holiday cycle of gaining weight and over eating is treating your body to a quality juice cleanse! Give your body the chance to  detox and eliminate unhealthy toxins while getting your system back on track. By drinking nutrient dense, plant-based, organic juices for 1, 3, or 5 days you can optimize your nutrition and reduce unhealthy cravings you might have. It’s not just a “quick fix” but a lifestyle change. The long term benefits include weight loss due to having more energy and being able to properly control your appetite. Your body will also thank you for all the extra hydration it’s receiving. Drinking these liquids and properly hydrating the body while eliminating any alcohol intake, will allow your system to function more efficiently. Our Sol Cal cleanse includes one day of juices (6 juices) for $40. We always recommend eating something when you feel hungry during your cleanse, preferably raw foods so you can give your system a break from breaking down heavier foods. Jump start your healthy lifestyle and stop in today for a healthy, happy, and yummy juice cleanse!

Yoga To Support Our Veterans

This Saturday November 21st join the Sol Cal staff members in a community event being held on the USS Midway! Yoga To Support Our Veterans will be a 60 minute yoga practice to support veterans. The funds will go towards Embrace programs that serve disabled veterans and homeless veterans. Click here for more info and to register for Stretch 4 Vets! 

Why Go ‘NON-GMO’

Being that October is NON GMO month we found it only appropriate to use this opportunity to educate you and give you the resources to further educate yourself on what the big deal is about GMOs. There is a method to our madness over here at Sol Cal. We are very strategic in the foods we serve and why we serve them. We only serve organic, non- GMO, plant based foods..and heres why:  First let us start with explaining what GMO’s are.. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. GMO’s mix genes of completely unrelated species such as plants, animals, & bacteria (which doesn’t occur naturally). This process can create a seemingly better crop that can withstand all types of conditions. The majority of these GMOs are genetically engineered to even withstand weedkiller herbicides.  These herbicides have been linked to health issues such as tumors, organ damage, birth defects, cancer ect. (the list goes on and on) as well as negative, unforeseen effects on the environment. This harmful residue can be found in the main foods of our western diet including sugar, wheat, corn, and soy.  The only way to know for sure that the food you are eating doesn’t contain GMO’s is to only eat organic! If you are interested in digging deeper and educating yourself on the truth about GMO’s, we highly suggest reading Seeds of Deception.

Come on, take a shot!

E3 Live is the new wheatgrass shot. In fact, they taste pretty similar but the benefits of E3 live outweigh wheatgrass by a mile! This green blue algae is natures most nutrient rich super food that comes from Klamath Lake in Oregon. It contains over 65 minerals, vitamins, and amino acids and its a great source of chlorophyll. This awesome algae can help stabilize your mood and reduce stress while also giving you the energy and mental focus to concentrate longer.  E3 is can also aide in weight loss due to its ability to suppress or normalize your appetite and increase your natural energy. Its great for your hair, skin, and nails, too!  Come on in and take a shot with us or add some to your smoothie to do something your future self will thank you for! 

Meet Our Creator

Many people don’t know who started SOL  CAL cafe and where the idea to open a plant-based cafe came from.

The man who created the concept is ex-NFL player, Jacob Bell. Jacob played on the Tennessee Titans from 2004-2008 and the St. Louis Rams from 2008-2012. After deciding that playing football was taking a physical toll on his body, and that the risk wasn’t worth the reward, Jacob announced his retirement from football. “want to get out before the game makes me get out, so I can retire on my own terms, and limit the amount of stress and negative impact the game would leave on me”.

Jacob wanted to take what he had learned about nutrition and clean eating from his private chef and apply those concepts to a restaurant sharing what he learned with the rest of the world. He knew that it would be hard to make healthy food taste good but he was up for the challenge.

SOL CAL cafe sits in a central location in downtown San Diego across from the Padres stadium and strives to keep San Diego healthy and happy.  Come stop in for a snack, meal, or to check out our market section featuring many different super foods, drinks, and cleansing drinks! If you see Jacob, say hello and feel free to ask him about his story.

Get the most out of your meals!

How do you know which foods to eat in order to maximize your nutrient intake? Easy. The ANDI scale is here for your reference. ANDI Stands for “Aggregate Nutrient Density Index” which is a system of rating foods based on a range of nutritional qualities on a scale of 1 to 1000. Super foods that we would expect such as Kale receive a perfect 1000 where as foods such as bread and pasta receive a much lower score in the teens. Dr. Fuhrman, the man who invented the ANDI scale says that your health is predicted by your nutrient intake divided by your calorie intake. Point being, in order to keep a healthy diet, keep your calories low and your nutrients high.  Of course the foods that have the highest score on the ANDI scale are the plant based foods that we just so happen to LOVE and specialize in. Prevent long term weight gain and disease by making sure to include high amounts of the highest scored food on the ANDI scale in your diet!


Get Tested

Can Kale REALLY Damage Your Thyroid? A Cardiologist Explains

The title of this article caught my attention and struck a non-vocal chord in my throat.

There is significant growth in documented thyroid disorders.  Perhaps it is one of those issues in  which we are generally more informed.  Conversely, environmental influence could be impacting this gland at a greater intensity.  Whichever the case we should be more cognizant of our thyroid function.  Last year, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.  I cannot begin to pinpoint the cause of this calamity, but it has been addressed before serious damage resulted.  The one certainty I can share is that I ate a GIANT raw Brassica salad DAILY.   While I was the recipient of the various aforementioned benefits of such a nutritious salad, I may have compromised the functionality of my thyroid.   Among other contributions, the Thyroid controls the pace of metabolic rate.  If metabolism is compromised the dominoes of health will fall without grace.

Moral of the story: MODERATION

(as with anything)


  1. Get Tested!
  2. Iodine supports Thyroid function.  Avoid iodized salt at all cost.  Instead, consume seaweed.  This has become increasingly convenient with products like this…

Why Raw?

Raw foods are making a comeback.. going back to the way plant based food is in its natural state. Many people don’t know that when you heat your food (higher than 115 degrees) you lose the nutrients that nature intended to provide you with. We’re not saying to completely cut all cooked food out of your diet but a tiny change in your diet can do the body lots of good! When you eat raw foods, you get all the fiber intended from your meal, therefore it digests a lot quicker than cooked foods. People who switch over to eating raw foods will usually notice long term weight loss results due to the extra fiber eliminating toxins from your body as well as ingesting high amounts of lipase and protease enzymes that help with fat burning. An additional awesome benefit is the reduction of puffiness in your face and skin thats from retaining fluids… by switching to raw, your skin will be clearer and brighter because you’re also ingesting less toxins and fat. By replacing your cooked and processed foods with raw, organic foods, you will see long term health, beauty, energy & emotional benefits. One of our favorite ways of getting the protein we need is with our favorite protein powder, Epic Protein (which we sell & use in the cafe) its unique in that it is packed with nutrients and amino acids that have never been heated. Come into the store and try one of our proteins and ask us more about how eating raw can benefit your healthy lifestyle! 

Jitters from too much coffee? Make the switch!

Start your day off the best way possible and do yourself a favor by consuming the healthiest beverage in the world! Green tea is a great alternative to coffee because it has a large amount of caffeine but just enough to encourage brain activity and feelings of energy without getting the (too much coffee) jitters. Along with boosting your energy, your day will start off stress-free and happy since green tea has anti-anxiety effects due to it containing the amino acid, L-theanine. One of the biggest benefits of drinking green tea is its high amount of powerful antioxidants and tons of important nutrients. Because of this, studies have shown that drinking green tea daily can lower risks of different types of cancer and liver disease. As an added bonus (and most people don’t know this) green tea actually can improve your dental health and reduce bad breath because the cetechins actaully inhibit bad bacteria that causes cavities and tooth decay (unlike coffee that causes bad breath and yellow teeth.. just sayin’) One of our favorite types of green tea is Bancha, a quality Japanese green tea. Make green tea your new favorite, relaxing, morning ritual with a little squeeze of lemon to add some vitamin C, even more nutrients to wake you up.