Could your breakfast in San Diego be the reason for increasing your fatigue?

Most of us tend to attribute general fatigue to a mixture of stress, age, and the activities a modern hard working life. However, recent studies in health and nutrition have suggested that there may be some factors that can contribute to a noticed increase in feelings of fatigue and exhaustion.

Typically we eat to gain energy but that is not the case when there are ‘hidden’ food intolerances that some individuals may have to certain foods, without even knowing it. Addressing these intolerances and sensitivities is a great first step to restoring energy levels and vitality. We’ve summed the food intolerances and sensitivities a person might have into these three following groups.

Dairy Products

Dairy products like milk and cheese are extremely nutritious foods, but in those with dairy sensitivities they have also been shown to contribute to chronic fatigue. Dairy sensitivity manifests from either an allergy to casein or a more general lactose intolerance.The digestion of dairy, or any other food that a person is allergic to, causes a great deal of extra stress on the body. The immune system fights against it, resulting in inflammation that can range from joint pain to headaches to a swelling in the small intestine. And it is this swelling in the small intestine that hinders digestion and the effective processing of nutrients. When sensitivities like this impair our ability to get the nutrients we need from our food, we are left tired, unmotivated and lacking in energy.

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Wheat could be very addictive and can cause cravings and mood swings. Gluten is most often the allergen when it comes to wheat sensitivity, and though scientists have yet to pin point the exact reason, gluten has been intrinsically linked to causing high levels of fatigue in those who have an intolerance. Some believe the exhaustion is a consequence of the malnutrition that comes with a severe gluten problem like celiac disease, or in individuals who suffer from anemia and are not on a gluten free diet.Also the foods that cause drowsiness include sweets and starchy carbohydrates such as cookies, cake, white rice, white bread, and enriched white pasta. These foods can cause your blood sugar levels to get out of control. You may have noticed that eating a donut, for instance, gives you a short-lived sugar high, and followed by a sluggish, tired and hungry feeling.

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The Nightshade vegetables & fruits

Another very common food group that has been linked to severe fatigue include the fruits and vegetables belonging to the nightshade family. These include popular items such potatoes, goji berries, peppers (bell peppers, chili peppers, paprika, tamales, tomatillos, pimentos, cayenne, etc.) as well as tobacco! If you are suffering with fatigue and exhaustion and are aware that you are specifically allergic to one of these foods, then you are most likely sensitive to some or all of the other foods within the family. And you should start looking for substitute’s when you are doing your online organic food delivery in San Diego.

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Let us know if you happen to have any food intolerances and sensitivities of your own and how do you deal with it in the comments below.

Wishing you all love and happiness from SolCal. Stay athletic and more energetic.

Tired of Staying Home Sick and Ordering Organic Food Online? Consider These Immune Wonder Foods!

We are all prone to catch nasty viruses or seasonal allergies along the year in San Diego or any part of the world, and then we are faced with minor irritating symptoms from sneezing, nasal congestion or coughing to more serious ones like fever, fatigue and all sorts of severe aches. Consequently, we should all invest in staying healthy and keeping our immune system boosted to the maximum by exercising, getting enough sleep and trying to reduce our stress levels as they are all integral factors that help us to stay immune, and last but not least eating healthy! Which is our topic of focus here, in particular the super foods that boosts immunity. So accordingly, here are nine of those miraculous foods that you should try including in your breakfast or diet in general.


Citrus fruits.

One of the most known immunity boosters are citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits and tangerines, which are high in vitamin C that is recognized for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps maintain the integrity of your skin, which acts as a protective barrier against infection

When it comes to Vitamin C, it might be more advantageous to increase your intake from plant foods rather than supplements, since plants contain other beneficial compounds that supplements may not.

Other foods high in vitamin C include bell peppers, guavas, dark leafy greens, broccoli, berries, tomatoes, papaya and snap peas.

citrus fruits



Garlic is found in almost every cuisine around the world. It adds a little zing to food and it’s a must-have for your health. Early civilizations recognized its value for fighting infections. Garlic’s immune-boosting properties seem to come from a heavy concentration of sulfur-containing compounds, such as allicin, which combats infection and bacteria.




Ginger is another ingredient many turn to after they’ve caught a cold. However, like vitamin C, ginger may also help prevent that cold from taking hold in the first place. While it’s used in many sweet desserts, ginger packs some heat in the form of gingerol, a relative of capsaicin. Capsaicin gives chili peppers their distinctive heat. Ginger may help decrease chronic pain and may possess cholesterol-lowering properties, according to recent animal studies.




Packed with numerous antioxidants and beta carotene, which may increase the infection-fighting capability of our immune systems. Similar to broccoli, spinach is best cooked as little as possible so that its nutrients are retained. Light cooking enhances its vitamin A and reduces oxalic acid.




Probiotics are healthy bacteria that keep the gut and intestinal tract free of disease-causing germs.




Is supercharged with an arsenal of vitamins including A, C and K which can help people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore it also has minerals such as folate, iron, calcium and magnesium. Kale is a great anti-inflammatory food just one cup of kale is filled with 10% of the RDA of omega-3 fatty acids, which help, fight against arthritis, asthma and autoimmune disorders, moreover it is filled with powerful antioxidants such as carotenoids and flavonoids help protect against various cancers. Not to mention that it is a richer source of beta carotene than carrots or sweet potatoes, which makes it a preferred choice for fighting off colds and the flu.



Coconut Oil

Besides being excellent for your thyroid and your metabolism, coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which converts in your body to monolaurin which is the actual compound found in breast milk that strengthens a baby’s immunity, aside from its immunity benefits you can find out more about coconut oil its wide range of other benefits from using it as a cooking oil to making natural beauty treatments here.

coconut oil



A general immune system booster due to its high antioxidant capacity, and an anticancer agent as well, this widely known bright yellow and bitter spice ingredient in many curries has been used for years as an anti-inflammatory in treating both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Also in recent studies the high concentrations of curcumin, which gives turmeric its distinct color, have been shown to help reduce exercise-induced muscle damage.



Nuts and seeds

Well it is hard to sum up all the nuts and seeds in one category, as they are incredibly diverse but they do possess many similar health benefits, including the ability to protect your heart, improve digestion, prevent chronic disease, reduce the risk of getting diabetes, strengthen your bones, increase immunity, fight cancer and stimulate growth. There is no definite way of pinpointing which is of them is the most healthiest or beneficial as it depends on the nutrients that your body requires on a given day. So the best approach is to eat a variety, go nuts!

Nuts and seeds

What do you like to drink or eat to boost your immune system? Let us know in the comments down below!

With happiness and love, from SolCal.

Having a Winter Breakfast in San Diego? Try These Remedies to Keep Your Skin and Hair Healthy

The current cold weather in San Diego could get your skin and hair dry as it sucks the moisture out of them or may cause other conditions yet that might not be the sole reason for this, as it could be a simple case of malnutrition. So the best course of action is to make certain you’re getting those essential vitamins and nutrients that helps preventing those conditions and attain healthier hair and glowing skin, so make sure your breakfast, lunch and dinner includes those following foods.
Fatty Fish
Fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids have incredible beauty benefits, including glowing skin and shiny strands. About three percent of the hair shaft is made up of omega-3 fatty acids. They’re found in cell membranes on your scalp and in the natural oils that keep your scalp and hair hydrated.
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One of nature’s best medicines, the sulphur present in garlic prevents infections and helps in reducing inflammation. It also enhances blood flow thus giving the skin a natural glow. To make the most of its naturally antibiotic compounds, it’s best to crush or chop garlic and leave it on the cutting board for a few minutes before cooking.
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These nuts have omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which help the body retain moisture, giving your mane a healthy-looking shine. The protein content of the walnuts helps boost hair follicles, making hair fuller and stronger. Walnuts also contain vitamin E that help your skin stay smooth and plump. Moreover protect your hair from sun damage and keep it lustrous and shiny. Get your daily dose of by eating a handful raw or throwing some chopped walnuts in your salad, pasta or dessert.
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Almonds are rich in flavonoids and vitamin E, which is vital to skin health. They can help ward off damaging free radicals and even oxidative damage caused by smoking. Almonds also make a great source of satisfying fiber and protein, and their manganese and selenium content helps keep your hair shiny. Grab a handful of almonds, or enjoy them in almond butter spread on apple slices.
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Tomatoes are super useful for skin, contain high level of lycopene which has marvelous benefits on the skin. Tomatoes are beneficial to the skin by adding tomato and tomato products in the diet. They help the skin to take in more oxygen which delays the process of aging by preventing the formation of wrinkles. They are helpful in brightening the complexion and in reducing sun damage caused by the ultra violet rays of the sun.
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Greek Yogurt
Nothing is easier than having Greek yogurt with your San Diego breakfast and also mixing it with some healthy berries, It’s packed with protein, the building block of your locks. Greek yogurt also has an ingredient that helps with blood flow to your scalp and hair growth. It’s called vitamin B5 (known as pantothenic acid) and may even help against hair thinning and loss.
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Dark chocolate
Contrary to popular belief, chocolate does not cause acne. In fact, research has shown that dark chocolate even protects skin from sun damage. Chocolate, or rather raw cacao, contains anti-aging antioxidants called flavonoids, which fight free radicals to protect your skin from ultra violet damage and prevent the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and skin discolorations.
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What are your thoughts on our foods for healthy skin and hair? Any special tips you have your own?
Share them with us in comments below!
Wishing you all love and happiness from SolCal. Stay warm and healthy!

Fitness Friday! Evaluate These Winter Workout Tips With Your San Diego Organic Online Food Delivery

Wintertime can be quite challenging even for the fittest of people, just simply getting out of bed and carrying out mundane chores becomes more difficult in this time of the year, lots of folks tend to stay indoors and may want to stay snuggled up in a warm bed or enjoy their hot chocolate by the fire, but winter shouldn’t be a time when your fitness plans take the damage so  With the right attitude and mix of exercises, winter can actually be a fantastic time to mix up your workouts, get creative and even reignite your love of fitness by trying new, fun activities. Not to mention, exercise releases endorphins that can help boosting your mood and reducing your stress levels.

Start your day fresh. Stretch your muscles in bed so your brain and body get the message to prepare for a workout, with a few exercises like bridge, knee hugs, supine spinal twists, forward and side sway and neck and shoulder roll.  If you’re too lazy to hit the gym, keep a mat and few accessories like the band or stability ball in your room and if not then you can use a chair for squats, leg climbers, triceps dips and more. Use the wall for squats and hand pushes. Buy new workout clothes, so you feel inspired to work out and feel good about yourself.

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Watch your diet. It’s almost a no brainer that you must eat healthy at all seasons. Winter does not necessarily mean more calories and an increasing number on the weighing scale because of eating too much rich foods or drinking hearty beers. So keep in mind that you cannot out-train a bad diet so try to keep your pantry and fridge stocked with organic food, and in cases where you are in a hurry to get a healthy breakfast you can always get an instant online delivery here at San Diego or you can do it the old fashioned way.

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Take advantage of the Season. Take up a winter sport. If you’re a competitive type, why not try a new winter sport? From skiing to snowshoeing, there are many great options that burn mega calories and put a whole new twist on your cold-weather workout plans. You can burn up to 500 calories in those types of sports per session. Check out San Diego’s ski guide here.

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Follow the 15-Degree Rule. Avoid extreme freezing temperatures. Not only are they harder on the body, but they diminish the quality of your run because you’re straining cold muscles, and there is also the possibility of getting a frostbite or hypothermia. It is safer to cancel your workout plans if it’s under 15 degrees Fahrenheit and better stay indoors.

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Load Up on water. Last but not least, you have to stay hydrated.  You may not realize it or sense that you need it because your body may not overheat or be drenched in sweat, but the dry air really sucks the moisture out of your body.

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What are your thoughts on our winter workout tips? Any special tips you have your own? Share them with us in comments below!

Wishing you all love and happiness from SolCal. Stay warm and active.

Order Yourself Some Organic Food Online and Think About These Healthy Hobbies

Hobbies: “Activities done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure” As per the definition provided by Google, it is almost a fact that we all have at least one hobby. But if you don’t have a regular leisure activity that you enjoy, it could be tricky deciding which one is good for you and also enjoyable. Before we discuss which healthy hobbies you can pick up on you need to know how to find a hobby that fits your personality, interests and your skills set.

There are various approaches you can use to identify which hobby is good for you, so let’s say you are completely clueless of what could be a healthy hobby for you that you can enjoy and deem beneficial, you can always start by looking to your past and remembering which activities you used to enjoy and see if you still enjoy as an adult, and if you couldn’t remember anything that you still enjoy or those past hobbies are not healthy or suitable for in the time being then your next step could be going on a scavenger hunt as in hitting the crafts store, the sporting goods store or the nearest music emporium or book store. Browse around and see what captures your attention. If that sounds like a lot of hassle then you can do this online, there are several websites with loads of hobbies you can pick from, check out for instance.

Now the point here is not just to find a hobby that you enjoy but also to be healthy and productive along the way, so we’ve divided the following hobbies in terms of the positive outcome that you gain from them.

Hobbies for your mental health:


These are some of the mind stimulating hobbies that will help keep your mental health creative, sharp and active.

Play jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, and brain teasers, play card games: solitaire, canasta, gin rummy, bridge, learn to draw or paint, play chess, learn how to play an instrument, master a new language, Participate in trivia contests, Reading, Writing (short stories, poems, novels).

Hobbies for Physical health


Well it’s a no brainer that playing a sport is a healthy hobby as it strengthens your metabolism, improves blood circulation, release endorphins and much more.

Fishing, biking, scuba diving and snorkeling, flying and gliding, Baseball or softball, Volleyball, walking/Jogging/Hiking, running marathons and doing triathlons, mountain climbing, camping, Spelunking (caving), tennis, Horseback riding, Skiing or snowboarding, Dancing, Swimming, Football, Soccer, Basketball, surfing and windsurfing.

Hobbies for Stress Relief


At the end of the day we are all faced with daily pressures that accumulates to our stress levels, and developing a hobby that significantly reduces your tension and stress is much needed to keep a balance to your mental, physical and emotional health.

Yoga, meditation, weight lifting, singing

Hobbies that Can Earn Money


Everyone could use a little extra dough. Some activities have the potential to help you earn some extra money on the side. Here are some options:

Jewelry-making,freelance writing and blogging,crafting (to sell online or at fairs), garage sales and auctions (find bargains and antiques for resale), freelance photography (weddings, babies, events), Carpentry, Graphic design (Digital art, editing).

7 Holiday Packing Tips To Go Over With Your Dinner in San Diego

While holiday season is around the corner. Traveling comes in mind, and when you got all your essentials covered like your whereabouts, transportation and accommodation, you are left with One other step that most of people take lightly “Packing”.

In case that you are one of those people who postpone packing till last minute and then regret it every time after realizing all the mistakes you did whether it’s forgetting specific items or not having enough space, etc., then we’ve rounded up some crucial tips that will help you pack in the most efficient way.

Make a packing list


Personally speaking I’ve always found lists to be an extremely helpful first step in almost any upcoming endeavor, in our case, it’ll help you realize if you are missing some items that you actually need to buy or fix, and that’s why you need to make your list way ahead of your departure date to give you more time to complete the list if you were forgetting any major points. Plus the added value of having any pre-stress diminished a bit and feel a little bit of a sense of achievement.



If you have a pretty old bag, then you should probably upgrade in a more modern one that is more durable, lighter and easily wheeled or carried, also more compartments, expandable sides and strong zippers, also you might consider getting a vacuum pack if you are travelling for a long period and want to store some cloth, they’re cheap to buy and don’t actually need a vacuum – just suck out the air out. They keep all of your clothes packed neatly together and protect them from any spillages.

Don’t over-pack


How many times you found yourselves packing like 4 pairs of pants and winded up only using one the entire holiday!? Most of us probably have done this at some point along the way. So the key here is to pack only the items that you are 100% sure that you need and going to use.

Extra Space


No matter where you go you’ll definitely do some shopping and most likely you’ll get some souvenirs for your friends and family – just leave enough space way in advance!

Towel on top


In case of summer/beach vacation, having your towel packed at the end on top of everything will not only keep any loose clothing intact but will let you be the first one at the beach and not wasting a second!



Depending on your headings, and the climate of your destination, you’ll pick your clothing accordingly. Select a variety of mix-and-match items that can all be worn with each other, in easy wash and drip-dry fabrics, that don’t need ironing. Roll clothes instead of folding to take up less room. Fit small items, like socks, into shoes, to make more room.



Thanks to modern day technology for making our life easier by summing up lots of our electronics in smart devices, so now you can just have a lightweight tablet and a smart phone, and have them loaded with e-books, magazines, movies and any sort of media, they also come in handy and could replace torches and cameras. Investing in a universal charger and cable that can keep everything charged up is always a great idea.

5 Energizing Breakfast Foods to Enjoy with your San Diego Sunrise

We all yearn for a productive morning that will help us get what needs to be done quick and effectively, while there are healthy habits you could incorporate with your morning routine that will help you out to reach this goal. A balanced breakfast meal is definitely one of the most important pillars in this routine.

Listed below are 5 healthy easy-to-get foods that will kick start your day with a supercharge.

1) Water


Well it’s not exactly a food, Water flushes toxins out of our vital organs and carries nutrients to our cells. Drinking water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach purifies the body’s internal system. An especially important result of this treatment is that it cleanses the colon, which makes the body much more able to absorb nutrients from food. This is why we had to mention it first!

Add more nutrient-packed ingredients to the mix:



Lemons are packed like a clown car with nutrients, including vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and fiber. Making lemon water which boosts your immune system and Keeps your skin blemish-free

2) Oatmeal


Oatmeal is one of those breakfast super foods that really packs a punch. One of the best reasons for having it in the morning is because oatmeal has a high dietary fiber content, which means it’ll keep you full for a long while. It also contains beta-glucan, which is a unique fiber that helps lower bad cholesterol. Oatmeal also has lots of omega-3 fatty acids, folate and potassium. Plus oatmeal is easy to prepare and easy to dress up, so you can add lots of the other foods on this list such as:


breakfast San Diego

Flaxseed is one of the most powerful plant foods on the planet. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed in your bowl of oatmeal for brain-boosting omega-3 fats and two extra grams of fiber.


restaurant in San Diego

Another great fruit to add to your oatmeal. They’re a great source of resistance starch, which helps burning more calories and make you feel more energized. Moreover, bananas have tons of potassium to help lower bad cholesterol as well, and they’ll come in handy when you get muscle cramps from long sit downs.

3) Greek Yogurt

organic food delivery online San Diego

If you’re not into oatmeal but want to find another delicious alternative for all your fruit, try a cup of Greek yogurt in the morning. Just one container can have up to 17 grams of protein, making this your ultimate morning meal. Plus with no preparation and it’s easy to pack, you can literally just grab and go with this one. No excuse to skip breakfast San Diego!

Add more nutrient-packed ingredients to the mix:



Mix it with your greek yogurt and get more than 20 percent of your daily vitamin C needs

4) Eggs


One of the most common breakfast items around the world. Though this delicious and versatile morning food once had a bad rep for being too high in cholesterol, experts now say they’re still perfectly okay in moderation. Full of proteins and lots of Vitamin D, the B vitamin choline, and carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which are important for memory and eye health.

Add more nutrient-packed ingredients to the mix:


Toss a pinch of ground turmeric into your omelet.

5) Leafy Greens

organic food delivery online San Diego

From spinach to kale, leafy greens are full of magnesium. These greens also contain folate, which encourage production of the calming neurotransmitter dopamine. The best part about leafy greens is that if you are not a fan of it you will always find a substitute like spinach, swiss chard, broccoli and asparagus and you can basically create a salad of your own favorites.

Learn something new with your dinner in San Diego – 3 Health Myths you should know about

One of the most important things you can do to stay healthy is keep yourself in the know about the truths and lies of health statements and fads. Unfortunately, many people wrongly rely only on shared articles on Facebook or don’t do in-depth studies of what’s true, and what’s fiction.

This is super important though, as even though you might be trying to do good by yourself and be healthy and stay/get in shape, if the information you’re receiving and applying on yourself is wrong, then you’re actually going to end up hurting yourself in the long run.

That’s why today we’re going to talk about 3 health myths people are likely to still believe.

  1. Low Calorie Diets Are Good For You

dinner in San Diego

Let’s talk a little biology; your body burns calories for energy, and basically that energy is necessary to not faint in the middle of the day. Now what is said is required to lose weight is pretty much to have a voluntary calorie shortage in your body, but that doesn’t mean eating less or worse, starving yourself. The most efficient way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you’re consuming in a day, whilst still maintaining a healthy caloric intake.

If you see in magazine article titles like “5 Meals you can make at home with less than 200 calories” consider the fact that there is a reason we have a recommended daily calorie intake of 2000 a day. Even if you’re eating 5 meals of 200 calories a day, that’s only half of what your body really needs to function properly, and that’s not just limited to what you consciously do during the day, this is also for the sake of your internal day to day process, such as your immune system fighting foreign entities trying to get you sick!

  2. Carbohydrates and Weight Gain

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The first thing anyone should be taught about carbs is that there is a difference between the carbs in junk food and the carbs in healthy food.

If you like to enjoy chips and other assortments of packaged junk food, yeah those calories are not going to help you achieve/maintain your goal body weight.But you’ll find lentils, oats, potatoes, and fruits to be rich sources of carbs that are good for you.

Carbohydrates are essential for your body because they help regulate your appetite and prevent overeating through serotonin (which also is the chemical in your body that regulates your mood)

Carbohydrate deficiency has been known to cause depression and mood swings, and last time I checked nobody likes those things.

The best things to consider when it comes to carbs is the source; if its processed and filled with artificial sugars and what-not, it’s not going to help your body, but if it’s a natural source and isn’t genetically modified, you’ll find it to be an asset to your health goals and your focus should be on cutting out processed and sugary carbs that you find in treats, cookies, and other desserts, or at your favorite restaurant in San Diego.

  3. Juice and Veggie Cleanses

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Okay, so you’re downing a bottle of water mixed with cucumber, orange, and lemon slices with some mint leaves. Awesome, that’s super healthy right? Not if that’s the only source of nutrition that you’re getting during the day.

Juicing or Juice Cleanses are thought to be a good way to lose weight, which they can be a good support to losing weight, but not by themselves and certainly not as the only intake for your body over a long period of time.

The reason for this is that if you’re not getting a daily intake of fibers, you’re just telling your metabolism to shoot itself in the foot, which means you’re shooting yourself in the foot. It’s a metaphorical hodge-podge of foot shooting that doesn’t end with any of your health goals achieved.

So be aware of what you’re doing to your body, and tell us about any false fads/diet you think the SolCal community should be aware of, or even a counter argument to why these are not false diets. Let us know in the comments.

Wishing you all love and happiness from SolCal.

Have a laugh with your breakfast in San Diego – Top Do’s and Don’ts at the Gym

5 Do’s & Don’ts for Hitting the Gym

Have you been contemplating about starting a workout routine for ages?And finally mustered up your will to commit to working out and devote yourself for this decision you’ve been longing for.

To avoid some potential gym hazards, check out this do’s & don’ts before you start engaging in your work out endeavor.


Before you go out. Dress appropriately, wear deodorant, but skip the perfume and after-shave other words just smell nice and don’t overdo it, get any required accessories such as gloves and belts, create a work out music playlist that will pump you up.

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Bring a Drink. Always bring a bottle of water with you to the gym and drink from it regularly to stay hydrated, and if there is a water fountain please do share. If you see someone waiting behind you, let them go ahead of you before you take five minutes to fill up a large water bottle.

healthy breakfast foods restaurants San Diego

Gym Etiquettes. Place your weights back exactly where you got them on the rack when you have finished with them. It is not only thoughtful, but also safer. Someone could trip on them. Keep your working space clean so if you get extra sweaty on the equipment. Wipe it after you are done.

organic food delivery online San Diego

Pre-Workout. People tend to underestimate the pre-workout warm up, either giving it minimal time or skipping it altogether. But doing so may put you at risk for muscle tears and strain, try gentle movements and work your pace up, to prepare your muscles before jumping into a more rigorous workout. So increase you stretching out session to get your muscles warm and ready for action.

restaurant in San Diego

Find your balance.Don’t overdo yourself but also don’t take it to lightly, find middle grounds, you can take advice from your gym’s fitness instructor to help determine the goals that are right for you depending on your age and fitness level.

dinner in San Diego


Maintain your noise levels. Don’t talk on your cell phone on the gym floor or in the dressing room, especially if they are “no cell-phone” zones at your gym.

restaurant delivery San Diego

Mr. know it all. Don’t offer unsolicited advice. Unless you are a personal trainer or qualified to, it is not your responsibility to give others advice on how to use the equipment.  Only If they ask you, and you are sure you know how to use the equipment then it’s okay to help them out.

breakfast San Diego

Risky Routines Avoid doing these and improve your workout IQ. No one needs a lifelong injury, so don’t go over your head and know your limits.

catering near me

Going crazy with food, drinks and supplements. If your workout barely add up to two hours, you shouldn’t need energy bars or sports drinks to fuel your workout.

catering services San Diego ca

Don’t neglect the lower half. You know the infamous “Don’t skip leg day” cannot be taken lightly or you will face serious consequences Too many people, particularly the young folks, concentrate all of their efforts on upper body work and almost entirely ignore their lower body. Balance is key in preventing injury. Learn to love the squat, deadlift, and lunge, as well as all of their variations. You won’t regret it.

breakfast San Diego

What are your thoughts on our little funny do’s and don’ts of gym etiquette? Let us know in the comments below!

Wishing you all love and happiness from SolCal.


Fitness Friday! breakfast in san diego will be more rewarding with these fitness apps to keep you in shape

Best fitness apps to help keep track of your progress (3 fun working out apps to keep you hooked)

Do you have troubles committing to a workout routine?  Do you get bored easily and lose interest? Or you are just not a fan of working out because you think it’s too dull and bland, sounds like a road block! Thankfully it’s not because of these 3 fun working out apps that will spice up your routine and make you look forward for your next workout.

Whatever the hold backs you have for starting or keeping at a fitness routine, hopefully these 3 apps will cross them out for you,

Zombies, Run! (Gamify):

healthy breakfast foods restaurants San Diego


Available on: Android, iOS

Zombies have come a long way, as has our appreciation for them. We live in a world that has become profoundly geekier in the recent years, with a plethora of zombie based games like Dead Rising, Left for Dead, Resident Evil and many more, the idea that a TV show like The Walking Dead could be one-upping Sunday Night football in TV ratings seems ridiculous, imagine a zombie epidemic. You are a Runner en-route to one of humanity’s last remaining outposts. Only you don’t have to imagine! With Zombies, Run! You basically become a survivor/runner in a post zombie apocalypse joining one of few survivor camps around, and you’ll be forced to earn your keep by going out on regular expeditions while you collect supplies to rebuild your town.

The Zombies, Run! Story is highly addictive and always keeps wanting for more so you’ll definitely be on your toes waiting for the next run. The app has a wicked cool feature that enables you to see your running route and track your pace during different missions. You can even see which songs had you running faster! Which you could incorporate to help you pump up your run in relative scenarios.

Pact (Gamble):

restaurant in San Diego


Available on: Android, iOS

Gambling is never perceived as a healthy habit but with Pact it certainly is, you can keep track of your workout, eat more veggies or log your food by putting money on the line. You choose how much to put on each Pact that you make. If you keep your promises and get your tasks done, you will earn money with the app –ranging from $0.30 to $5 a week.

But if you don’t keep the pact, the app will debit your bank account for the money you put on the pact. You can start with small amounts, or raise the stakes to keep yourself motivated to eat more veggies, work out or just log your food.

If you use this app in a smart way you can pay for your gym membership or even help saving up for a new gadget or a fitness accessory.

 Nexercise (Rewards):

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Available on: Android, iOS

Reward and punishment! A well-known psychology approach that many have heard about, Nexercise utilizes this but only with the better half of that. Nexercise is an app that tracks your movement, and rewards the users with points the more that they exercise. It sounds pretty basic at first. The difference here is that these points that you earn can translate into valuablerewards. As they could be exchanged for gift cards from stores like Home Depot, Sephora, CVS, and others! Turn working out into your shopping money maker!

Nexercise even lets you compete against friends and co-workers. Nothing like a little friendly competition to spice things up!

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