Bored and alone at your favorite restaurant in san diego- Check out these tumblr blogs that anyone can appreciate


Tumblr is a pretty weird platform, but no one can deny that it has a cult following of diehard fans, just like any social media platform, but among its fandoms, sjw blogs, and hipster blogs, you can find a few gems anyone can appreciate, regardless of their differences.

And that’s what we want to focus on in this post today at SolCal, unity and concepts that we all appreciate, because at the end of the day we’re all on this planet together, fighting the same battles, crying for the same reasons, laughing at the same jokes, and just trying to have good friends, a good time at work, and enjoy life.

Here’s a look at some tumblr blogs any one can enjoy for a smile or a bit of appreciation.

  1. – Elena Morelli – Photography

restaurant in San Diego

Elena Morelli is an artist with a camera lens; her captivating works reflect a great appreciation for nature and the beauty found in its confinement. Her camera is usually found pointed at landscapes and the touch-ups to her photographs seem to bring out the best in those captured images. Honestly there hasn’t been a single photograph from her that I didn’t wish I could visit that exact place, and that’s the power of her pictures; they make you wish you could be by that road side or that tiny dock at the lake, just enjoying your time, with the person you love or some good mates, your favorite restaurants in San Diego take out cartons strewn about as you bask in the afterglow of a fulfilling meal and just talk about anything or nothing. Sounds damn good to me.

2. – Shenanigansen

breakfast San Diego

Owl Turd Comix was started in early 2013 with the mission of making YOU happy (so hopefully you didn’t just find it now). The goal is humor, and for the subject matter, anything is game. –Shenanigansen

Going by moniker Shenanigansen, the author of Owl Turd Comix is most definitely one hilarious dude, putting a visually and verbally hilarious spin on concepts like over attachment to the internet, anxiety, depression, and many of the day to day struggles we all face. And I attribute how relatable the content is to why it is so successful and has gain millions of viewers on many different platforms, from almost every social media to Imgur, 9gag, and his very own blog. If you’re feeling down and don’t have anything better to do, check out his comics, I can almost guarantee a laugh!

3. – Thomas Sanders

restaurant in San Diego

If you’re familiar with Vine, then you probably already know who Thomas Sanders is, and no it’s not cheating just because he’s famous on another platform. Anyone who’s watched his content knows just how much of a positive spirit Thomas is and that he’s a genuine human being, which for me makes it a no brainer to mention his blog on this list. He’s our random bag of fun, as much of his reblogs are funny random postings.

What do you think of our top tumblr blog picks? Let us know in the comments!

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