Breakfast in the San Diego heat – Add these cooling foods to your meal


The seasons of the weather; some have a natural affinity to the colder seasons, and some to the warmer, and others are just awesome enough to enjoy both without pause.

Though we all know a winter person won’t enjoy the summer heat as much as a summer person and vice-versa, it’s very important that for everyone to know how to properly take care of themselves in different weather conditions, especially the ones we don’t like.

So today we’re going to talk about some healthy foods to keep cool in the summer heat.

  • Watermelon


Planning some fun in the sand and sun? Cut up one of these bad boys up, put the pieces in a Tupperware container, and place that in your cooler to take with you for a wonderful, healthy, cooling desert to go with your beach dinner in San Diego.

You’re also doing your body a favor as watermelon contains citrulline which your body converts to ammonia to keep stomach acid at healthy levels.

Cantaloupe and Honeydew Melon are also great alternatives/additives

  • Cucumber


There’s a reason we have the saying ‘cool as a cucumber’, and that’s really because they are a great food to keep you hydrated on those really sunny days. You can even make a very useful detox drink by mixing mint, lemon, and cucumber together; a combination that will help cleanse your body, and keep your cool. They’re also a great snack for diabetics due to having no sugar content.

  • Grapes


This is one of my personal favorites as a kid; just sitting in front of the TV on a hot summer day, a bowl of cold grapes between my brother and I as we watch Toonami on Cartoon Network, good times.

These little numerous round fruits not only make the delicious wine you can have along with your dinner in San Diego, but also are a great way to keep you hydrated, and if you’re someone who loves to constantly snack like I do, there’s plenty of worse choices than grapes.

  • Radishes


Probably the most underrated and least known of the ‘summer cool foods’

With a very high water content, and an awesome source of vitamin C that translates to them being abundant in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory capabilities.

The tasty, crispy, white interior goes great on almost any salad.

  • Mint


Anyone who’s had a mint or peppermint candy knows the cooling effect of menthol, which is why we had to add mint to this list of awesome stuff to keep you cool during the summer heat.

With a scent that can help invigorate you, especially if you’re feeling particularly lethargic due to the heat, and known for their ability to cool down and relax your body and mind, it makes sense that mint has been used for generations by herbalists to create basic medicine such as ointments to combat inflammation, and teas to soothe indigestion.

What do you think about these ways to keep cool? If you know any others, let us know in the comments down below.



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