From Breakfast in San Diego to Summer Music Festivals across the USA


One of the best feelings in the world is putting on your headphones and walking down the street, head bopping to beat while the rest of the world is drowned out. Music is a powerful tool that can create vivid imaginative situations in your mind’s eye, or give you the energy to push yourself to do those last reps to failure.

The power of music has the ability to affect our emotions, our day dreams, our workouts, and adds a level of depth to anything it’s included with; just look at games, tv shows, and movies.

So in this summer heat, how about we leave the headphones off and instead appreciate the music loud and live at multiple destinations across the USA.

With the summer vacation coming to a close, let’s end it with a badass road trip to as many music festivals as possible!

But be sure to go get that healthy breakfast from your favorite restaurant in San Diego before you hit the road!

1.    Burning Man Festival

Burning Man Festival

One of the most well-known annual festivals is the Burning Man Festival, a gathering of freethinkers, existentialists, those attuned to a devil-may-care attitude, and people who just want to vibe to some loud music.

The venue is the same place as usual at Black Rock City, deep in the desert of Nevada from August 28 to Sept 5.

With this year’s art workshop being DaVinci themed, you better act fast since the tickets are going out quick.

It’s definitely an experience you should consider once in your life.

2.    Made In America

Made In America

Also known as MIA, the Made in America festival was founded by Jay-Z five years ago, and has since been an annual festial featuring high profile hip-hop and EDM artists.

This year, MIA will be at the end of the summer, from September 3rd to the 4th in Philadelphia, PA.

Wanna see Rhianna, Two Chainz, Lil Wayne, or Coldplay? Hit the road and go to the homeland of the Fresh Prince.

3.    Riot Fest Chicago & Denver

Riot Fest Chicago & Denver

Gather ‘round, misfits, free spirits, and wanderers alike! Riot Fest Chicago and Riot Fest Denver are right around the corner!

With the festivities starting in Denver on September 2nd until the 4th with a line of of nineties rock nostalgia featuring Ween, Morrissey, the Deftones, and Sleater Kinney, and almost anyone will agree that this year’s Riot Fest is going to be extra special with the founding members of original horror punk band The Misfits reuniting in Riot Fest Chicago and Denver for a performance.

Then almost two weeks later, Chicago will get to rocking out from the 16th to the 18th of September, with performances byJulian Marley, the Hives, Rob Zombie, and many, many more.

What other festivals would you like to go see before the summer is out? Let us know down below in the comments.

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