Consistently Going to the Gym.


“I can’t find the time.” Let’s be honest, this is probably our biggest excuse when it comes to why we’ve not hit the gym in a while. And since we’re being honest, let’s also agree that the one hour – give or take- that we could spend at the gym is, in fact, available in our day; whether it’s bright and early before work, or late at night afterwards.

So really it comes down to whether you want it enough or not.

Ask yourself; is it worth the effort?

Well, you can ask your 40 or 50 year old self whether the progress that you made now is worth it or not.

Or you can ask your present self whether finally changing that body negativity into body positivity would make a big difference in your quality of life or not.

If in either scenario, or any other for that matter, you answer ‘Yes, it is worth it’, then congratulations, you made it to Step Two.

Now the thing about Step Two is that it changes depending on the time you’re going to the gym.

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If in the morning: Step Two means that the gym session starts the moment you’re eyes open!

This is how you build consistency, by having this goal or task become a primary objective in your personal life, to the point it should be the first thing on your mind after waking up. And if the morning is a bit of a time crunch to fit in your workout, you can manage your time better by finding a healthy breakfast food restaurant near your gym or even organic food delivery online to get your meal to you before you head to the gym.

Most time constraint issues can be solved with a little logic and time management.

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If in the afternoon/night: Step Two means that you don’t get to sit down and rest until you finish your workout!

Don’t let yourself sit and relax after your long day’s work. Tell yourself you’re not done yet, because the day isn’t over until your muscles are sore and tired. Only when you get that sensation is your day done. The importance of this is that it allows you to not drop after your work shift or university lectures are done, and instead of sitting back and relaxing, -some online food delivery perhaps- you keep yourself going just an hour or so longer, but in turn you improve your body, and will find within weeks greater energy levels and plenty of positivity.

So then what’s Step Three?

Make sure you’re having fun.

Going to the gym is supposed to be exciting; it’s an adult’s playground! Don’t let working out become a chore that you don’t particularly like doing. If what you’re doing at the gym isn’t fun for you, then you should do some other physical activity.

Remember that we’re here to enjoy our lives, and we don’t need to be so serious all the time.

So do what will make you happy and healthy; whether that’s lifting massive weights, or cross-fit, or swimming, or basketball. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something you’ll want to do after a wonderful dinner in San Diego.

We hope SolCal’s guide to creating consistency in going to the gym for happier and healthier living will help you make your life brighter.

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