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Let me ask you all something, how much do you know about the world? Okay, how about a different question, how much do you know about your countries electoral process? How about a different question, how much do you know about fate?

There’s a lot of things that we don’t know, but in 2016 it’s not a matter of us not knowing and more a matter of not looking for the answer.

But there’s definitely plenty of people willing to answer these questions and many of them willing to put in the hours and effort to make visually representative videos on YouTube that will answer the question and help us understand the answer.

Today we’ll list some of the best YouTubers that can educate you about world events, how things work, and more!

  1. Philip Defranco

dinner in San Diego

A 10-year veteran of YouTube, Mr. Defranco found his success on YouTube mainly from reporting on celebrity news in his early career, but now with a more level head, the media giant Discovery behind his back, and a faithful audience of almost five million subscribers, The Philip Defranco Show evolved from just a News Show to a Conversation between the audience and himself, the discussions changing daily with world news and events.

Phil also tries to educate others and help them learn something new, such as how the Electoral College that decides who the President of the United States operates and functions.

2.  Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

dinner in San Diego

Probably one of the most wrongly pronounced and misspelled channels on YouTube, Kurzgesagt is, per their own words, ‘A small team who wants to make science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful.’

Each month their small team of animators release one video discussing a certain scientific topic, such as the potentials of genetic modification through CRISPR or ‘What Happened Before History?’. They touch upon topics most probably wouldn’t even consider thinking about for more than just a second, and their efforts should really be appreciated because they don’t just think about it, they try and provide an answer for it, and if educating isn’t something to be appreciated then I don’t know what should.

3.  Vox

dinner in San Diego

Vox is both a website and Youtube channel dedicated to getting straight to the point and telling you what’s going on in the world. They’re known for their explanatory journalism and capacity to discuss topics of a varying range.  From explaining the mathematics behind ‘Fate’ to the Presidential Elections, to the Aleppo Crisis, they’re dedicated to the cause of spreading factual knowledge about world events, the mysteries most don’t even consider, and feed this content to the world through the Internet in a form of content that is easily processed.

What do you think of these educators? Have you watched any of them before? Let us know in the comments!

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