Fit Fitness into YOUR schedule.


One of our new favorite apps is called Wildfire Fitness. This is the perfect app for trying new things, and having fun while getting in shape! San Diego is probably one of the best cities to use this app in because we have SO many different neighborhoods giving us many different opportunities to try different fitness activities. Wildfire gives you membership access to hundreds of different gyms and studios around the city so you don’t have to choose just one. You can choose what kind of class you would like to take weather it be a Barre class, bootcamp, cardio, yoga, spin, combat, dance, Pilates, stand up paddle boarding, spin class.. just to name a few. If you don’t feel like taking a class and you want to go to a gym and zone out on your own, there are hundreds of gyms to choose from. Before you agree to the membership, they allow a 14 day trial for only $1 so TRY it and HAVE FUN trying something you never thought you would do! Get the app or check out their website here


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