Have a laugh with your breakfast in San Diego – Top Do’s and Don’ts at the Gym


5 Do’s & Don’ts for Hitting the Gym

Have you been contemplating about starting a workout routine for ages?And finally mustered up your will to commit to working out and devote yourself for this decision you’ve been longing for.

To avoid some potential gym hazards, check out this do’s & don’ts before you start engaging in your work out endeavor.


Before you go out. Dress appropriately, wear deodorant, but skip the perfume and after-shave lotion.in other words just smell nice and don’t overdo it, get any required accessories such as gloves and belts, create a work out music playlist that will pump you up.

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Bring a Drink. Always bring a bottle of water with you to the gym and drink from it regularly to stay hydrated, and if there is a water fountain please do share. If you see someone waiting behind you, let them go ahead of you before you take five minutes to fill up a large water bottle.

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Gym Etiquettes. Place your weights back exactly where you got them on the rack when you have finished with them. It is not only thoughtful, but also safer. Someone could trip on them. Keep your working space clean so if you get extra sweaty on the equipment. Wipe it after you are done.

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Pre-Workout. People tend to underestimate the pre-workout warm up, either giving it minimal time or skipping it altogether. But doing so may put you at risk for muscle tears and strain, try gentle movements and work your pace up, to prepare your muscles before jumping into a more rigorous workout. So increase you stretching out session to get your muscles warm and ready for action.

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Find your balance.Don’t overdo yourself but also don’t take it to lightly, find middle grounds, you can take advice from your gym’s fitness instructor to help determine the goals that are right for you depending on your age and fitness level.

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Maintain your noise levels. Don’t talk on your cell phone on the gym floor or in the dressing room, especially if they are “no cell-phone” zones at your gym.

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Mr. know it all. Don’t offer unsolicited advice. Unless you are a personal trainer or qualified to, it is not your responsibility to give others advice on how to use the equipment.  Only If they ask you, and you are sure you know how to use the equipment then it’s okay to help them out.

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Risky Routines Avoid doing these and improve your workout IQ. No one needs a lifelong injury, so don’t go over your head and know your limits.

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Going crazy with food, drinks and supplements. If your workout barely add up to two hours, you shouldn’t need energy bars or sports drinks to fuel your workout.

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Don’t neglect the lower half. You know the infamous “Don’t skip leg day” cannot be taken lightly or you will face serious consequences Too many people, particularly the young folks, concentrate all of their efforts on upper body work and almost entirely ignore their lower body. Balance is key in preventing injury. Learn to love the squat, deadlift, and lunge, as well as all of their variations. You won’t regret it.

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What are your thoughts on our little funny do’s and don’ts of gym etiquette? Let us know in the comments below!

Wishing you all love and happiness from SolCal.


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