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Many people don’t know who started SOL  CAL cafe and where the idea to open a plant-based cafe came from.

The man who created the concept is ex-NFL player, Jacob Bell. Jacob played on the Tennessee Titans from 2004-2008 and the St. Louis Rams from 2008-2012. After deciding that playing football was taking a physical toll on his body, and that the risk wasn’t worth the reward, Jacob announced his retirement from football. “want to get out before the game makes me get out, so I can retire on my own terms, and limit the amount of stress and negative impact the game would leave on me”.

Jacob wanted to take what he had learned about nutrition and clean eating from his private chef and apply those concepts to a restaurant sharing what he learned with the rest of the world. He knew that it would be hard to make healthy food taste good but he was up for the challenge.

SOL CAL cafe sits in a central location in downtown San Diego across from the Padres stadium and strives to keep San Diego healthy and happy.  Come stop in for a snack, meal, or to check out our market section featuring many different super foods, drinks, and cleansing drinks! If you see Jacob, say hello and feel free to ask him about his story.

10 thoughts on “Meet Our Creator

  1. Jacob,
    I so miss seeing you. I get to Oxford every Friday night to watch the Talawanda High School Braves and their head coach, JD.
    I wish it was possible to get the 2003 team together again. I would like to see many of them again. I am glad that you have found something you are passionate about to do everyday. I retired from my passion of teaching in May 2014. Now I spend my time doing whatever I want to do which involves babysitting with my grandkids. JD and Andrea have a girl, Harper, who just turned 3, and Hudson who just turned 1. And I have 5 more, 3 in Indy and 2 in Texas.. Take care.
    Dala Vonderheide (aka JD’s mom)

  2. Love how convenient it is to be vegan now .. When I first became a vegan I had to make all my own food and there was NO where to eat out besides
    Jimbos ☺️

  3. Yessssssssssssss!!!! Much respect!

    My name is Janice and I am the trainer and coach for the Und1sputed Ones, the country’s FIRST FIGHT GYM SOCCER TEAM. I am a vegan and have a few vegan athletes, but I am always riding my athlete’s butts about eating clean.

    May I can talk you into chatting up the lads sometime. WE CAN ALWAYS COME TO YOU AND YOUR CAFE FOR A MEET AND GREET!

    Email me or call me at 619.475.8227. GO TEAM!

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