Order Yourself Some Organic Food Online and Think About These Healthy Hobbies


Hobbies: “Activities done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure” As per the definition provided by Google, it is almost a fact that we all have at least one hobby. But if you don’t have a regular leisure activity that you enjoy, it could be tricky deciding which one is good for you and also enjoyable. Before we discuss which healthy hobbies you can pick up on you need to know how to find a hobby that fits your personality, interests and your skills set.

There are various approaches you can use to identify which hobby is good for you, so let’s say you are completely clueless of what could be a healthy hobby for you that you can enjoy and deem beneficial, you can always start by looking to your past and remembering which activities you used to enjoy and see if you still enjoy as an adult, and if you couldn’t remember anything that you still enjoy or those past hobbies are not healthy or suitable for in the time being then your next step could be going on a scavenger hunt as in hitting the crafts store, the sporting goods store or the nearest music emporium or book store. Browse around and see what captures your attention. If that sounds like a lot of hassle then you can do this online, there are several websites with loads of hobbies you can pick from, check out www.discoverahobby.com for instance.

Now the point here is not just to find a hobby that you enjoy but also to be healthy and productive along the way, so we’ve divided the following hobbies in terms of the positive outcome that you gain from them.

Hobbies for your mental health:


These are some of the mind stimulating hobbies that will help keep your mental health creative, sharp and active.

Play jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, and brain teasers, play card games: solitaire, canasta, gin rummy, bridge, learn to draw or paint, play chess, learn how to play an instrument, master a new language, Participate in trivia contests, Reading, Writing (short stories, poems, novels).

Hobbies for Physical health


Well it’s a no brainer that playing a sport is a healthy hobby as it strengthens your metabolism, improves blood circulation, release endorphins and much more.

Fishing, biking, scuba diving and snorkeling, flying and gliding, Baseball or softball, Volleyball, walking/Jogging/Hiking, running marathons and doing triathlons, mountain climbing, camping, Spelunking (caving), tennis, Horseback riding, Skiing or snowboarding, Dancing, Swimming, Football, Soccer, Basketball, surfing and windsurfing.

Hobbies for Stress Relief


At the end of the day we are all faced with daily pressures that accumulates to our stress levels, and developing a hobby that significantly reduces your tension and stress is much needed to keep a balance to your mental, physical and emotional health.

Yoga, meditation, weight lifting, singing

Hobbies that Can Earn Money


Everyone could use a little extra dough. Some activities have the potential to help you earn some extra money on the side. Here are some options:

Jewelry-making,freelance writing and blogging,crafting (to sell online or at fairs), garage sales and auctions (find bargains and antiques for resale), freelance photography (weddings, babies, events), Carpentry, Graphic design (Digital art, editing).

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