Sol Cal Revamp


Our mission has always been to provide the healthiest possible options for people to enjoy delicious and nutritious food. We believe in the power of a nutrient dense diet and we offer the highest quality of sustainable and local ingredients. Standards as high as ours are not seen very often in the restaurant business and we are very proud of them. All of our items are 100% plant based with the option to add protein. We are very happy about our new menu and so far we have had a great response from our patrons about our latest additions.

We are also very excited to announce our new additions of beer and wine to the menu. We took time to carefully chose a few wines that are fully vegan and a few that are fully organic and certified sustainable to continue providing the healthiest possible experience. As for our beers, we carry mostly local beers with gluten free options available as well.

We look forward to welcoming customers new and old to see our newly remodeled and updated venue and menu.

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