Our Community


We live in a time where we need more bonds with one another, to help and care for our fellow human. We see in news reports and events scenes that give the sense that we are irrevocably divided as human beings, but we sincerely believe it doesn’t have to be this way.

John Lennon’s “Imagine” rings true today as it did on its debut more than ever, and we need to nurture goodness and kindness with others and within ourselves, and this all begins in our communities.

Our community is more than just the place where our home is located; it’s where our children go out to play, it’s where we socialize with our neighbors and local supermarket clerks, to put it simply, it’s where we live.

Now that may seem like an understatement, but frankly the term ‘where I live’ has been taken for granted and to most people simply means everything within their front door.

But is that really the case?

Is where you live simply a set amount of square feet, divided into rooms with different purposes?

Or is where you live also everything inside, as well as the sidewalk chalked with hop-scotch, the pharmacy to get your cold medicine, the supermarket for your food, the bar to relax with your friends, the catering service in your San Diego neighborhood, the small bakery around the corner, your favorite local restaurant with those amazing tuna poke bowls.

Your home is more than what resides within your four walls; it’s everything and everyone outside as well.

The simply reality is we rely on one another for our basic essentials, our luxuries and commodities, but it’s important to give back, because unfortunately, our communities can include so many people hardly getting by, humans just like you and me, where every sunrise is another fight to find food and shelter.

Regardless of our struggles, we need to remember that we’re all together on this big spherical boat called Earth, and it’s the only place that we have.

No matter how hard we divide and label ourselves, we’re all together here, and deserve to treat ourselves and one another with kindness.

That’s why it’s so important to give back to those in need, and involve others and even our children in such activities.

Donate Toys to Kids in Need


If you haveany toys left over that your child doesn’t use or have grown out of, consider donating them for the sake of a child in need.Click here to find a toy drop-off near you at your local Toys R Us or Babies R Us.

You can also help others by gathering up toys and books that no one is using and give them to a local charity.Get them delivered to one of theseSan Diego toy donation spots.

San Diego Humane Society


It’s important to remember that animals are a part of our community too, and are even more helpless in cases of strays and those without a home.

The San Diego Humane Society is always in need of volunteers. If you’re over 14 years old, you can assist in cleaning the kennels, walk a dog, or be a part of an animal companion program.

If you’re considering getting a pet, think about adopting a misplaced furry critter before buying one, you can find your local spots to adopt a pet here.

The Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank


If you’re walking down the canned goods isle, consider buying a few extra nonperishable food items for the San Diego Food Bank’s red barrels. This food will help feed people at churches, schools, shelters, and food pantries.

Additionally, you can volunteer to help assist with simple tasks such as packaging food for distribution or work on an assembly line to prepare boxes and bags of food that will be sent to the organization’s various food programs.

Let us know in the comments what other organizations or events are available to help nurture our community.

Let’s do Yoga and Why


When most people think about yoga, they usually get the image of someone in various flexible poses, but the truth of the matter is that it’s really way more than just that.

There are more than 100 different schools, of yoga, with sessions including breathing exercises, meditation, and assuming postures (called asana) that stretch and flex various muscle groups.

And the benefits of yoga are definitely nothing to scoff at; relaxation techniques in yoga lessen chronic pain for people who find themselves with lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome, and can even reduce blood pressure and help with insomnia.

But like a good tuna poke bowl, the benefits don’t stop there. Studies have shown that there are mental benefits to yoga too! It can help a person manage stress, and we all know how bad stress can be on the body and mind.

Yoga’s combination of breathing and meditation can help relieve people of mental burdens, as consistent yoga practice enables you to have clarity and serenity as well asmake you more alert and aware, along with being a healthy way to assist with chronic stress patterns.

Along with these, there are a myriad of reasons why yoga is absolutely amazing:


  • Protects your spine.

Spinal disks require movement, it’s how they receive their nutrients, and backbends, forward bends, and twists help keep your disks healthy and supple.


  • Reduces the change of cartilage and joint breakdown.

Every time you’re practicing yoga, you allow your joints to go through a full range of motion, which can prevent degenerative arthritis and disability in the joints. This happens by creating motion in areas of cartilage that don’t get used that often. This is why stretching is so important, regardless if you’re into yoga, this is pure health facts now; your joint cartilage can’t receive fresh nutrients unless the fluid inside of them is released and new fluid can take its place via motion.


  • Drains your lymph’s and boosts immunity.

By stretching and contracting your muscles, you allow of a greater amount of lymph’s to be drained, this is super important because lymph’s contain white blood cells along with proteins and fats which help boost your body’s ability to fight infections.


  • Makes you happier.

If you’re down in the dumps for some reason, and some good ol’ online food delivery didn’t fix you up, maybe you should give yoga a chance? A study found that regularly practiced yoga can lessen depression and an increase in serotonin, which helps maintain mood balance.


As someone who has been a type one diabetic since he was six, finding out that Yoga lowers your blood sugar was amazing to me. It’s been shown to lower blood sugar in different ways, such as reducing cortisol and adrenaline levels, improving blood circularity which helps the insulin get to where it needs, and even can reduce insulin tolerance if your body begins to build up a resistance to its effectiveness.

So tell us what you think about Yoga? Would you be willing to try it, or not?